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Meet Author, Jack Terry: Key West Murder Mystery Novelist

I'm "Jack Terry. Originally from Plainville, CT. Spent most of my adult years moving between New York City, Key West, and the west coast. Currently I've been living in Gulfport, FL for the last two and a half years.

"My first time seeing Jimmy Buffett was the Feeding Frenzy tour. I worked in the ticket booth at an amphitheater the night of the concert, walked through the show during the "sermon" that precedes WDWGDAS, and I was very confused. The following summer, I went to my first official show at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and was hooked. Since then, I've been to about 80 concerts. Before I was a Parrothead I was a Deadhead, and my musical choices these days are mostly within those two genres, but open to most anything. Between moving to Key West and making sure I spent a night in Biloxi the first time I drove cross country, I guess you can say he's had a pretty profound impact on my life!

"I currently I work full time as Bartender/Manager at Three Birds Tavern. I've been there for a little over a year, and have been a bartender for close to 25 years. When not working, I like to spend time with my friends, read, watch sports, listen to music (hopefully be able to go out and see some again soon!) and just enjoying life.

"I'm a writer who over the years has had various amounts of success in various styles, but what has been the most rewarding for me has been a series of murder mysteries set in Key West.

"I never thought it would be a style of writing I would be drawn to, but I guess reading enough Carl Hiaasen and John MacDonald inspired to me slice out my own small piece of the crazy fictional Florida crime world!

"The order that seven of the books need to be read in is as follows:

1.) Talk Murder to Me

2.) Traitor Vic' Rum Punch

3.) Make Mine a Double

4.) Red Skies at Midnight

5.) Knee Deep and Rising

6.) Last Pays for All

7.) Sins of the Sister

"Each book builds on the one before it. The first book, Talk Murder to Me, opens with the immediate discovery of a dead body, and the killer isn't revealed until three quarters of a way through book six, Last Pays for All. In between, more than two dozen other people are killed, there are secret agents and double crosses, conspiracy theories and corrupt cops, mysteries from the past revealing themselves in the present, and of course, a talking manatee. The seventh book, Sins of the Sister, is more freestanding, in that it opens with a victim and ends with a killer caught, but so much of the characters and backstory were established in the first six that without reading them, a lot of what happens wouldn't necessarily make sense, including the very ending. The other book, Cargo'd, is a completely freestanding novel, set not in Key West but a mythical Caribbean island, and it tells the back story of The Surfpirate, one of the characters Tricky Dick meets as he works to solve the original murder and unravel the mysteries that keep spinning around him, drawing him in tighter to everything going on around him.

"As for Tricky Dick himself, I've often described him as the love child of John MacDonald and Carl Hiassen. He is an ex-government spook with a past he'd just as soon forget, retired early to the end of the road in hopes of leaving his demons behind him. But trouble finds him quickly, not only with the dead body he discovers but also the realization that the Key West Chief of Police has been replaced by his old boss, and he has scores he wants to settle with Tricky Dick. Tricky is a man of unwavering principle if questionable morality, and as more secrets get revealed about who the victim is and how he was killed, Tricky understands his past is coming back not just to haunt him but swallow him whole. The number of people who want him dead is only matched by the number of people in his orbit who dies, and he is not above sacrificing a pawn if it means winning the game.

"I'm just glad to have this opportunity to for more people to discover my books and get lost in the world of Tricky Dick (and a talking manatee!)"

Jack's books are available on Click on each title mentioned in blue above.

Thanks Jack!

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